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Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing
Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing
Load image into Gallery viewer, Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing
Load image into Gallery viewer, Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing

Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing

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Solid Tyre 10 x 2.125 - 6.1 Hollowed Slow Wearing


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Highly Durable 10" x 2.125" Solid Tire for Electric Scooters

For those who rely on electric scooters as their daily commuting companions, frequent tire replacements are no strangers. With each replacement, the same question arises: what type of tire is the best choice?

Firstly, you must determine the tire's intended use, whether for off-road or on-road adventures. The second consideration revolves around the tire type: solid, tubeless, or tubed. Here, we present our top recommendation: a solid tire built for extended wear.

Advantages of Solid Tires:

  1. Time-Saving: Solid tires eliminate the hassle of changing inner tubes or monitoring air pressure, making scooter maintenance a breeze.

  2. Puncture-Resistant: Crafted from robust rubber, solid tires stand strong against punctures, impacts, and abrasions, reducing the risk of unexpected roadside mishaps.

  3. Extended Service Life: These tires are designed with an ergonomic build and feature perforations that minimize wear and tear during rides. They also offer reduced rolling resistance, ensuring longevity.

  4. Enhanced Comfort: While solid tires generally offer less comfort compared to pneumatic tires due to the absence of air, this model excels at dampening vibrations and cushioning bumps, thanks to its double row of holes.

10" x 2.125" Electric Scooter Solid Tire:

This 10" x 2.125" tire is the perfect fit for everyday rides. It effortlessly handles minor obstacles like curbs and cobblestones without requiring tire levers for installation.

Upgrade your Xiaomi scooters, including the Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi M365 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi3, with this reliable and long-lasting solid tire.

If you have any specific modifications or refinements in mind, please feel free to let us know.


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