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Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve
Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve

Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve

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Inner Tube 10 x 2.50 45 Degrees Bent Valve


You get free 12-Months warranty on the main scooter frame and major electrical and mechanical components, supported by our fully-equipped London service center. Even after warranty our support team and service-center will continue help should you need assistance. See Full Warranty Details

Need a New Tyre for Your Electric Scooter?

This high-quality spare part will get you back to your favorite places in no time. Add it to your online shopping cart today!

This package includes:

1x On-Road Tyre 10 x 3 - 5.9

Get the convenience you need for your electric scooter today. This spare part will undoubtedly enhance your scooting experience.

Do You Need a New Inner Tube for Your Electric Scooter?

It's happened: the inner tube on your electric scooter has burst, and now you're standing on the side, wondering what to do next. For now, you need to put your plans on hold, unless you have prepared an inner tube in advance. A spare part bought in advance will help you get on the road quickly, even on the same day!

This inner tube has a 45-degree bent valve. You can also find inner tubes with a straight valve or a 90-degree curved valve. Double-check which valve will fit your vehicle's wheels before purchasing.

Quality Ride with Trusted Tube Support

By choosing our shop, you get high-quality products that have been created with durability in mind. The inner tube and pneumatic tire ensure that you can enjoy your scooter for a long time.

To further prolong their lifespan, regularly check the condition of your tires and maintain the correct air pressure during rides.

The weight of the vehicle rests on the inner tubes. It's an essential part of the scooter's construction: not only it provides comfort for the rider by cushioning an uneven surface, but it also protects important vehicle components such as the motor, controller, and battery, reducing maintenance costs.

How to Change an Inner Tube on an Electric Scooter:

  1. Remove the wheel from the axle.
  2. Take the tire off the wheel.
  3. Remove the inner tube from the wheel; take care not to damage the tire.
  4. Check the tire and rim for scratches or foreign objects that could cause problems with the inner tube or tire.
  5. Insert the new inner tube, distributing it evenly along the tire's rim.
  6. Pull the tire back onto the wheel.
  7. Carefully fill the tube with air; check for air leaks.
  8. Put the wheel with the new inner tube back on the axle.
  9. Ensure that the wheel is fitted correctly and that the inner tube and tire are properly aligned with the rim.

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