Free replacements on battery and motor and support for 1 year.
Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9
Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9

Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9

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Tyre Off Road Hybrid 255 x 80 - 5.9


You get free 12-Months warranty on the main scooter frame and major electrical and mechanical components, supported by our fully-equipped London service center. Even after warranty our support team and service-center will continue help should you need assistance. See Full Warranty Details


Experience Unmatched Performance with Tubeless Scooter Tyres

If you're an electric scooter enthusiast who craves an exceptional off-road adventure, our Tubeless Scooter Tyres are your ticket to a thrilling and comfortable ride. These pneumatic tyres are designed to cushion the ride, ensuring you won't be bouncing on every road bump. They effectively cancel out vibrations, protecting crucial scooter components like the motor, battery, wheels, and mudguard.

Key Features:

  • 10-INCH SCOOTER TYRE: The large 10-inch off-road tyre boasts a grooved tread that provides exceptional grip, whether you're riding on or off the pavement. With this tyre, you can confidently explore off-road terrains and experience a smooth and comfortable ride on your way back home.

Maintaining Your Off-Road Tyre:

While our off-road tyres are constructed with thicker and more durable rubber than their city counterparts, it's essential to keep an eye out for factors that can impact their longevity:

  • Sharp Objects: Be cautious of debris, glass, or nails that could puncture your tyre.
  • Hard Impacts: Avoid high-speed collisions with tall curbs to prevent damage.
  • Excessive Pressure: Make sure not to overload your tyre with more weight than it can support.
  • Under-Inflated Tyres: Regularly check and maintain the correct air pressure to extend the life of your tyre.

Elevate your electric scooter experience with these outstanding off-road tyres, designed for adventure and durability.


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