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The Basics

These common e-bike questions cover the basics of what e-bikes are and how they operate. If you have never ridden an electric bike before, start here to learn the fundamentals.

1. What Is an E-Bike?

E-bikes have an electric motor to help you move faster, pedal easier and tackle hills without problems. Some models' motors kick in when you pedal. Other models have a throttle you can use to have the motor drive the bike without moving your feet.

To earn the classification of an electric bicycle instead of a moped or other motorized vehicle, e-bikes cannot have motors that exceed 250w, which is one horsepower. The motor must stop operation once you hit a specific speed based on the bike's class.

The motor uses a battery for emission-less, silent operation. A controller shows your speed and the wattage of the engine's output. Thanks to their ability to run without an internal combustion engine, e-bikes run cleaner than motorcycles and can make riding easier for you than traditional bikes.

2. Do You Have to Pedal an E-Bike?

In most cases, you must pedal an electric bike to propel it forward. Two types of motor assistance exist, depending on the model you have.

Pedal assist engages the motor as long as you keep pedaling the bike. Throttles turn on the motor, whether you move your feet or not.

Some bikes have a pedal-assist feature that feels more like a traditional bike. If you have never ridden an electric bike before, you may prefer ones with the more natural feeling of pedal assist. These bikes, such as our RipCurrent, include a torque-sensing monitor on the pedals that triggers the motor when you reach a specific effort level.

3. How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

Electric bikes' speed depends on how fast you can pedal. However, the motors must cut out at certain speeds. For example, the CampScrambler has a top speed of 28 mph with pedal assist, making it a class 3 bike. You can go even faster with the off-road-only HyperScrambler, which tops out at 35 mph.

4. What Type of Battery Do Electric Bikes Use?

While older electric bikes used lead-acid batteries, today's models use rechargeable lithium cells. These batteries give more power with less space.

5. How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?

The range depends on the battery pack and model. Base models with a 13-amp-hour battery capacity will go around 45 miles per full charge. Premium models with the 52-volt, 19.2-amp battery will get around 70 miles per charge. Our Hyper Scrambler 2 electric bike has a dual battery option. You could get more than 100 miles per charge if you have a secondary battery. For example, the CampScrambler can travel between 22 and 45 miles on a charge, while the RipCurrent S can go between 33 and 67 miles.

How you use the motor also makes a difference. Most bike summaries will include a range at certain speeds you will get per battery charge.

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6. Are Juiced E-Bikes Hub-Driven or Mid-Driven?

Our electric bikes are all rear hub-driven. Hub-driven bikes can handle up to a 15% hill grade in pedal-assist mode and are suitable for most general commuting. Plus, they’re easier to maintain, so you get more bang for your buck with hub drives.

7. Who Can Ride an Electric Bike?

The good news about electric bikes is how easy they are to ride. Anyone can ride an electric bike, but very young children may lack the coordination to control the extra speed. Check with your state laws about whether your children can ride an electric bike.

If your area does not have specific regulations for minimum age, use your best judgment about your child's ability to ride an e-bike. You may need to have your child as a passenger on models equipped for a second rider before you can trust them for riding alone.

8. Do You Need Any Training to Ride an E-Bike?

E-bikes have an intuitive operation. For pedal-assisted bikes, the motor kicks in to help you pedal depending on the torque you apply to the pedals. Torque-controlled motors may have a twist or thumb control on the handlebars to allow you to turn on the motor at will. As long as you can ride a regular bike, you can handle an e-bike.

9. Can I get a workout on an E-Bike?

Definitely. How much depends on the person. If you ride a road bike 100 miles per day, it might not feel like a workout like it will to everyone else. But it also depends on how much pedal assist you use, what kind of terrain you’re negotiating, and the wind against you. The S pedal assist level on our bikes stands for sport mode. It gives you more assistance but you also have to keep that consistent pedal up to get the higher level of assistance. And then to get your top speed in race mode, you still want to pedal hard. You can also set it down to eco mode and power the bike mostly with your legs.


10. Why Should You Get an E-Bike?

Electric bikes offer several advantages over other forms of transportation. They give you more exercise compared to motorcycles or mopeds, which don't require pedaling. Compared to those other motorized vehicles, e-bikes run cleaner and quieter since they do not have fuel-burning engines.

If you live in a hilly area, electric bikes are perfect for helping you climb steep inclines. They also are useful for helping you reduce the effort you put into your commute. You can bike to work and arrive less sweaty and tired, thanks to the help the motor gives you in reaching desired speeds.

If you want a greener, cleaner and healthier way to work, you should look for an e-bike.


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